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Why Replace?.....

Thanks Randy for the response.

I want to replace the pan because it is dented, and a bit rusted (and it was told to me by my mechanic that I 'should think about replacing" it.) Well, as you implied, $400+ is a lot. Thatís why I wanted to try it on my own. If I find the job too overwhelming, I will seek a second opinion.

I donít know if the aluminum section above it needs replacement. I suppose if I get the sub-pan off, I can inspect the aluminum part for damage too. I am hoping not, because the dent in the sub-pan seems to be less than 1.5" deep. There is no leaking, just the dent. Additionally, the pan is beginning to rust at the dent.

I was just bringing the car to operating temp to allow the oil to drain more quickly. If I donít need to do this I won't. Do you think this is not necessary?

Considering I am replacing to correct the dented, rusted pan, do you think it is worth the effort?

Thanks for your expertise.


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