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Southern_Son: Yes Techron will attack some crud (a highly technical term ) in the tank & lines, but using “too much” as you stated is not going to be a significant factor in determining whether or not this is an issue. Additionally, that’s what a fuel filter is for – catching particulate matter. The only places where crud *could* be dislodged and possibly influence injector cleanliness is the lines *between* the filter & injectors, fuel distributor, etc. Then there are screens on the injector inlets that are a ‘last defense’, so it really is not an issue, unless your fuel system resembles a toxic waste pit. There ARE other very serious implications to using too much Techron; primarily engine lubrication related. See related posting & URL above.

Mervyn: I have not tried the Lubri-Moly engine treatment. I am somewhat conservative about using additives other than the *very* few tried, tested, and useful products such as certain fuel system treatments & water wetter from Redline. Molybdenum Disulphide is a very slippery substance and has been used for decades as an additive. However, modern engine oils are sophisticated blends that do not require additives. In fact, you can actually do more harm than good in certain instances. Don’t bother throwing your money down the drain, er, sump. Use high quality oil, and to steal a quote from a well respected member here “Change it hot & change it often”.
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