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I have an '82 240D that I recently took to the repair shop to have the compressor replaced. Afterwards, I was under the car to change the oil and noticed that the new compressor is missing the bolt that is used to support one of the refrigerant hoses. This hose has a metal band around it with a hole at the end band where the bolt goes through and the bolt then is attached to the back of the compressor. This missing bolt is directly below where the two refrigerant hoses connect into the back of the compressor. For those of you with the series 123 manuals, it is labled as bolt #21 on page 83.6-522/19 F4 in the Climate Control Section. My question is what size of bolt is for replacing? I'm guessing it is a 12MM X 1.75 just by the looks of it. Thanks for the help.

'82 240D
115,000 miles
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