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Any thoughts how to remedy a throttle that intermittently sticks wide open? It's not a lube issue. Happens when I am @ idle and rev it up a few times. Also, after it revs, it returns past the 1000 starting point, bogs a bit, then settles into 1000. Sometimes it bogs first when I go to blip the throttle, prior to revving. Additionally, the cruise control cuts out on its own out of nowhere, and when I hit 'resume', the thottle buries immediately. Correlation? I'm told this all could be a mixture issue, needing to be richened? In the winter it was idling @ 2300 or so, and my mechanic says he richened the mixture which remedied that, but not the other issues. I tried fiddling with the spring loaded allen set screw atop the throttle, but only managed to have the throttle jam open (yes, I'm an idiot). It is not the 10 amp OVR relay, either. Any suggestions appreciated!!!
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