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My car right now has an interstate which it came with, but at some point I will switch up to a nice optima battery.

The beauty of the spiral cell batteries, is that you just jump it from another battery if it is dead and the car will charge the battery once it is running. You do not use a regular charger on one you will ruin the battery.

I put a 1050 CCA Optima blue top in my boat, we can run the stereo in it for several hours, and the thing still starts up with plenty of juice left over. It also works great after sitting for a while. if it does die, I use my portable power jumper pack, and it fires right up.

My brother has the same battery in his range rover, with a stereo pulling down some decent watts, and he can run the stereo for a few hours with no battery problems.

My dad has one in his other car, and it has a heavy duty stereo as well. We put in an optima battery, and it was better. Previously for about 8 years the car would eat batteries and alternators just could not keep them charged up. We put in the optima, and it did better, but it wasn't good enough because the alternator had a huge drain on it, and could not keep pace. We finally had the alternator rebuilt and changed from 80 to 170 amps and the car starts and charges better than ever before.

I recommend optima because they are good batteries. My optima dealer has also told me one really good bit of info. DO NOT use a regular charger on an optima battery, you will burn the cells. My father used a regular charger on his before we had the alternator done, and the battery got screwed. All you do to an optima when it is dead is jump start it off another battery or car.

You cannot go wrong with interstate or optima. The spiral cell batteries are expensive, but to me well worth it.

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