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Brothers of The Benz, All
The original alternator on my 1987 300E lasted 12 years and 165,000 miles before failing.
Since that time and 12,000 miles, I have had 4 Mercedes Benz, Bosch rebuilt alternators.
They either failed or lacked output to charge the battery.
All have been replaced under the warrantee.
The one presently in use doesn't charge the battery.
The battery is an Interstate MTP-93, new 5/01.
Every 4-6 days I must charge the battery from an external source.
At discharge level, the sp/gr is 1.005,(dead) and after charging 1.250.
M/B has done a parasite draw test and there is none.
The max output of the present alternator is 11.25 volts and 30 amperes.
The spec is 14.0 volts 28/70 amperes.
All the technicians I've talked to say the rebuilt alternators are junk.
The warrantee on the last alternator expires 10/01.
I'm going to try to negotiate for a new one.
Watch out for wolfs in alternators clothing.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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