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1994 190E(201) 2.3(102), I think my fuel pump quit pumping the fuel, car sputtered then died while driving. Tried to restart, it fired briefly but still no start but kept turning over fine. It cranks fine; strong battery but no start. After removing air filter and then cranking again for 20-30 seconds there is no gas odor or wetness in the intake below the plunger. Does this sound like a bad fuel pump or possibly a clogged fuel filter. Car does have high mileage, 191,000 miles to be exact, of which I have put 100K on it since buying it used and know the fuel pump/filter have not been replaced during my driving tenure of 100K. I think the belt tensioner/absorber is going or gone also, but that is a whole nother post.

-What is the life expectancy of a fuel pump and filter?
-Where are the pump and filter located?
-Is this an extensive job or something a DIY'er can handle and what are the steps in performing this procedure?

Any help would be extremely appreciated............Thanks.

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