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Wink ML is great vehicle overall

I guess the poor first year 98 ML models had the lion's share of problems. I have a 99 ML320 which I bought coming off a lease and it has been a tremendous car overall. I replaced the MAF and had the cats fixed (one was cracked) under the "recall", plus the PS hose clamp and some other minor things. Otherwise, it has run "like a trooper" as they say. Perhaps the original lease holder took care of a lot of things under warranty that I don't know about -- but it has been a very good car/truck in general. No car is perfect; they all require good maintenance and attention to problems that develop before they become worse .... I think a lot of these difficulties lie in the area of "poor owner performance" as part of the problem. I would buy the current ML over several other Mercedes models that seem to have some extensive problems with electronic systems, etc. etc.
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