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I THINK it is probably the same as on my W124 400e.
I've replace pads/rotors on Mercedes,BMW and Porsche and the process was the same for all 3 makes even though the cars are / were obviously different.
If you don't have to remove the rotors its simple. First Loosen the Brake fluid cap. Then get a hole punch or nail punch and drive the 2 pins that are above the pads out. Now take a flat blade screwdriver or a small chisel and CAREFULLY slide it between the PADS & ROTORS. GENTLY press the pads back and remove them.Make sure you press the pads back as far as possible. The new pads will need the entire space available.

To remove the calipers. There are two bolts (17mm I Think)on the back of the caliper carrier. Remove these 2 botls and the carrier come off. Suspend the caliper with wire or string so that you dont damage the brake line.

To remove the rotor(disc). there is an allen screw near the lug holes which nust be removed(Its a 5mm I think not really sure).Now spray the center hub area with your favorite penetrating lubricant. After a little while, take your hammer and tap on the perimeter face(and back if you can get to it) of the rotor until it is free. If you are replacing the rotor, you can "show it no mercy" as they sometimes can be pretty stubborn.

Inspect the emergency brake pads for wear or damage.
Inspect the 5 links to the rear suspension for wear.
Inspect the lower rear bushings. Its located at the lower most rear portion of the hub assy.

Replacement is the reversal of this procedure

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