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I'm sure you are not implicating me in the "poor owner performance" group, but thought I'd add in my maintenance prescription just for info purposes for others.

Our 2000 has been dealer serviced for all A and B FSS maintenance. I have changed the front pads twice, the front rotors and rear pads once. I have also started changine the oil with OE spec Mobil 1 mid-FSS required service. The wife drives the car 99% of the time and she's pretty tame by anyone's standards. We just put on our second set of replacement tires at 60k miles. First ones lasted about 25k. The originals were GrandTrek. I replaced those with CrossTerrains. Since we have cut her mileage back considerably and intend to sell the car in another year and a half, I went cheap and put the GrandTreks back on.
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