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The AMG Aero-II's are 17" and I have 225/45 R17 Pirelli P7000 Supersports mounted on them. On the 300E they do rub, BUT only because the car sits so low. I have put the on the 300CE to compare and they only "touch" when going over larger bumps WHILE turning, and then it's only a brief scuff. And this is only with the fronts, rears are the same size and I've had no problems (even w/ 2 adults in the back seats).

A side note: the 300E has had the fenders rolled and still the tires have slightly deformed the front fenders, but the 300CE is w/ stock fenders.

Future may hold Evo-II's or Brabus Monoblock V's or O.Z. F1 Cup's or....... lol
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