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Talking Tire thoughts re the ML's

I have found that the General tires for the ML's perform the best and if you look at user reports in Tire Rack, you will see that these tires often go 50-60K miles or more if properly inflated and treated. I have put these on both my ML and my girl friend's ML (another 99) with great results. Also changed plugs on my 99 at 65K and some of the plugs were already very, very tight in the block. I would recommend that anyone with an ML redo the plugs at 50K or as one person suggested in this thread group -- take out the plugs and put on some anti-seize goop; but once they are out why not put in some new plugs with the anti-seize stuff?! My reference to drivers who mistreat their Mercedes or other cars was a general comment, not aimed at anyone in particular, but when you read some of the threads, it becomes obvious that the person writing them really does not take good care of his cars and gets very excited when he slams his cup holder open and breaks it!? I treat all my cars as if they have to last forever --- which they probably will ....
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