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Originally Posted by R Leo
LOL. I'm starting to think that the gang of outlaws that designed the W126 must have done their apprenticeship at River Rouge or Windsor. Right now, I'm doing a full frontend rebuild on my SDL and I gotta say that it has to be one of the more frustrating cars I've turned a wrench on in the last couple of years (ok, ok, granted, my recent wrenching has been confined to W123s and my old John Deere).
It doesn't end there R Leo. A person can't buy a decent 3/4 ton pickup truck any more. The new ones are so tall that you have to be built like Wilt Chamberlain to reach over the side of the box to get something out of it. Even if you open the tail gate you still need a step ladder to get in the box. At least my old 1951 Chev 3/4 ton Mickey Rooney could get over the side. At 5'9" I'm not the tallest guy in the world but I'm far from the shortest. When one of those overgrown $hitboxes (piloted by a 90 pound soccer mom yaking on her cell phone) comes at me when I'm in my Benz I want to run for cover.
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