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Originally Posted by Brandon314159
BTW if you notice similar "tube shaped devices" in the doors as supports for crashes...they are there for a reason.

Its a requirement (euro spec models didn't have the bars and they were installed as part of the certification in the US) so thats why you see the same size tube in a camry, benz, etc.

Now the game is different I guess but the tubes in the door are not that uncommon. Think of it as a little cage

I might add that I did not find the tube shaped side impact bars in the doors of the earlier model Camry's that I looked at (around 1990/91 model years) and then I looked at the doors in a 1991 Toyota Corolla and there was nothing but the thin sheet metal skins. It would seem that they started to add the tube shaped impact bars somewhere around year 1993-94.

I wonder how adding one bar in the door makes much of a difference but I guess it is structually designed to absorb and divert a lot of energy. All of the MB's that I've seen have something like it inside the doors.
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