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Thanks Smalltime and Shop Forum

First let me express my gratitude to the Forum members and the idea. I was able to successfully diagnose the 190 E ( Fuel or Electrical ) and purchased the exact part ( Ignition Module - $374 at dealership ) I installed it myself ( two nuts and two plugs ) and was confident the car would start -- it did!!!. Yea me, Yea Smalltime and Yea the Forum. Boo the Mercedes Service Advisor who wanted $2240.00 for the repair. This is the first time I have ever presumed to believe I could find enough information and aid on the net to attempt a tricky diagnosis and repair. I am a communications consultant by trade and normally I wouldn't even consider it; but the Service Advisor's attitude left me no choice. I can't wait to ride by there tomorrow and wave. Thanks again. fejiii
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