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In case you missed the above post from Kyle, I just visited the page and looked at the pictures. They answered a lot of questions for a newbie like me and they're great shots of a head before-and-after being refurbished. Before looking at them, I didn't know exactly what was meant by a 'double timing chain', and now I have seen one and will never wonder again.

Here are a couple of questions for any of you who can visit the site and look at the pictures. Please keep in mind, I'm a newbie at these things.

1)Was removing the head and having it cleaned/refurbished a part of what would be called a 'valve job'? If so, is this what was recommended in another thread as something that should be done as well when the head gasket needs replacing because of a leak.

2)Is this a normal amount of wear on the pistons/valves for a certain number of miles on the engine. I have 105,000 miles on my E320 engine. What should mine look like if it has a 'normal' amount of wear.

3)How much of that carbon looking material will be removed by use of Techron etc. on a regular basis?

4)Should the timing chain be replaced whenever the head is removed. It seems like the bulk of the work is the head removal and that it might be smart to replace whatever makes financial sense while the head is off.

I do agree that a picture is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to mechanical details. I really appreciate your taking these pictures and taking the time to post them for all of us to see Kyle.

Here's the link that he posted:


hey all,
go to
I posted a ton of pics of a head rebuild and heater core replacement. Hope they help someone.



Thanks again,

Jack Wiles
1994 E320 Wagon 105K

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