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I just bougth a Topsider. I am probably being a spastic about this, have wasted enough time and figured I would just ask... :-)

I cannot get Topsider to develop sufficient vacuum. I have checked and rechecked all seals (all two of them!) on the caps and they appear to be fine.

I pumped 40 times with the clamp shut firm, and inserted the nozzle into a new bottle of oil (just to see if I could get the thing to work). Oil began to flow half way up the tube and then began to drop again. Only continuous pumping would reverse the oil flow.

Is there a common mistake I am making (the device seems to be straightforward- but hey!)? Are there any known problems with the device?

Finally, with ambient temperature in the 70s, how long should the engine be idled, on average, to sufficiently raise the oil temperature?

Thanks much in advance
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