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. . Longston, you did not answer the question. . .

I'm not sure what Jim means when he says that the screws will not damage anything behind them.

Longston, old boy, it means exactly what it says! It won't damage anything behind the door. That answered the question that was asked. The screws are short enough so that they just protrude a little (if any) when the thickness of the cup holder's back plus the thickness of the door's material is considered.

It's obvious that the front side of the door will undergo some damage due to the screws. And the leather will have holes in it.

Therefore you need to put them where suggested, do it carefully and finally, leave them there! It's a permanent installation not meant to be removed.

I've done this on at least 5 MBs with no difficulty. And sold the cars with them in place. The new owners were delighted with them as an added 'touch'. I've also put them in both cars shown below.

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