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Originally Posted by DieselJim
Ok. so which dies faster in that system the rotors or pads? There is always a trade off. To get superior performance you decrease service interval of something.
So far, nothing has died. Have only put about 35 thou on the set up and the pads and rotors look new. The original disc/pads had about 32 thou on them and the reason they were changed was the stock disc was wearing at an alarming rate....looked to be about 1/4 inch on each side (inside and outside) of the disc. The pads were excessively worn also...just had about 1/4 inch or less of material on the steel back up. Mama Benz could have gotten a bad batch of disc that were too soft, that were wearing excessively, but I wanted the confidence of a better disc/pad combo than what I was experiencing. As far as I can tell, the sacrificial lamb on this set up is extra heat dispersed when you use the brakes hard. The pads and discs don't seem to wear much, but they do get hot and radiate lots of heat into the air.....noticed this once when I was re-checking the tire pressure. So far I'm in win-win situation.....better service life and better braking.


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