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I have a brand new W203 C class 200 Kompressor.

The car is real pretty and nice, however have some minor problems and dissatisfactions. Hope someone can advice -

1. CLickin sound in the steering column when I turn it. It clicks once after a variable angle turned. Some say it is due to a bad steering rake.

2. Noticeably rough idle during cold start until temp about 60 deg.

3. High pitched wind whine at my right front door. I think it is at the place where the side mirror meets the door. I checked the seals, looks good. What can be the problem?

4. Metallic clunking noise during reverse when I release the foot brake. Always consistently heard.

5. Hissing sound from the exhaust. Is it normal?

6. Loud road noise. Is it really the Continental tyres or is it dus to some loose underpanel that needs tightening?

7. Get odours coming from outside into the car. DOes the car have a built in microfilter????

Dissatisfactions -

1. Rear door panels are not mounted on well. Can see mild panel mis-alignment.

2. Leather quality on seats and trims look fake.

3. Steering wheel inexplicably not centred against the instrument dash. It is mounted off to one side. The electric adjustment does not allow side to side movement.

Satisfactions -

1. Very, very, very, very good looking car - Silver, black interior, aluminium trim, blue tine windows, 16inch five spoke alloys

2. Torquey from 2500RPM. Nearly as powerful as C240. Higway cruising and acceleration a joy. Always a rush when I accelerate from 100 to 140kmh. Floor it more, and you can hear the supercharger go. However, noticeable difference in power when the aircon is off. This is unlike the old C180 or C200 where the pick up is so SLOW. I have beaten Opel Corsa Racers at traffic light and expressway races. I have not tried the car in road races.....I dun think the car is made for it as it is too heavy.

3. Great presence and "feel good" factor very high.

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