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The only manuals available would be the new product manual. There will be no print versions available for some time I imagine. Eventually they may print the 203 into print Diagnostic Manuals and they will produce a print version of the ETM (electrical troubleshooting manual).

If you really want the info it is available. Call 1-800-FOR-MERCedes. Get your check book out as it will cost about $2800. Just ask for the WIS.(Workshop Information System). It will also be full of holes as MB really doesn't want you to have all the info. It is a three CD set and covers all late models and some early ones.

I recently aquired a set of MB training manuals on ebay. It included the 203 Access CD and the pre-school new product manual. This was info given to a student that was then going to attend factory training. I would imagine that there are more of these available.
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