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The tone of the various comments on this thread ring so true! My wagon is still under warranty. If it were not under warranty it would never see a dealership ever again. One dealer took 5 working days to find and fix problem in my driver's seat electrical adjustment system. 5 days!!! Then they called me in, told me it was ready to go, I get in the car, and the same failure mode occurs before I can even leave their driveway! 4 working days later the problem is finally fixed and away I go. Meantime I was stuck in their POS "courtesy" car. I think the Starmark warranty means the dealer can put the car on the very bottom of the list of cars to be repaired, and I also think they must get a rebate from M-B for the cost of the loaner car. I took my car to this dealer 5 times for warranty work, and they stuck me in a POS loaner for multiple days 4 out of the 5 times (claiming they had to special order parts). Very, very aggravating!

Another local dealership seems to take great delight in telling me that my suspension has been modified (and Eibach springs are not M-B approved) and my "aftermarket" Carlsson wheels are not the recommended size. I understand that they may feel an obligation to advise the customer, but if they'd just say it once and drop it I would like it a lot better. They too will never see me again for anything. I didn't come to them to get *****ed out, I came to them to get something fixed (that had nothing to do with the suspension or wheels).

I have found an excellent independent mechanic that I trust, that likes the cars he works on, has reasonable rates, and doesn't insult me as an owner. It would be nice, but apparently unrealistic, for dealers to treat us the same way.

I think nearly everybody out there sympathizes (sp?) with the person that started this thread. Mercedes-Benz, are you listening?

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