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I recently rescued a 190E, 1984 from going to the recycling yard. After replacing the radiator and expansion tank (leaks), alternator (volt reg was bad), and cleaning the injectors (rough idle and, no, it was not the OVP problem), it runs smooth. Got the engine mounts and struts to add. Also, looking into lowering the springs a bit. Any comments on springs? Maker, price, where to get them, and how much lower and firmer would it get? Also, any good wheel upgrades? Prefer +1 or +2 to 16" wheels. Comments are very welcome. Only a recent member to this great chat room and I want to get this puppy (250K miles) as good as my bimmer in terms of handling. Oh yes, no vibration. Thurst arms seem good. Any particular bushings and other rubber parts needing replacement? With some TLC, want this to go to 500K miles. Dont see why not as the frame and body seem solid. Engine has 150 to 160 psi compression. Not bad for such a long mileage car. Tranny, though, a bit sluggish. Will probably go for tranny filter and oil change. Anything to look there once I open it up?

Thanks, Hector
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