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I sure know where you are coming from about the VW dealerships. A few years ago I was looking for a VW TDI, preferrably a new Passat. There wasn't a VW dealer in the area willing to help me out. I ended up turning to the internet and found a dealer that had a car similar to what i was looking for, except a Jetta. When I went there, they no longer had the car, but said they could get one like it.

Financing was arranged through VW Credit and I thought all was fine. The car got ordered (located actually) and when it arrived, it didn't have all the options I paid for. After fighting for a few days, they located the exact car, but then tried to get me to pay the difference in sticker prices (about $1200) between the first car they got and the one I actually ordered.

Then to get it serviced...heck, they don't even know what type of oil to use. Good thing I take care of most things myself...
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