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welcome to the club!!! - i bet more than people realize this spot in particular is in trouble...and if you have a little welder, some time, sealant, and paint you can fix this!!!!

there are aftermarket (and OEM) inner fenders, and liners...or with some cardboard and an xacto you can make templates and weld it all it....i with the aid of my father did a little of both to get it to work right...had an aftermarket inner fender, and still had to design all the proper walls to fix the inner wheel well and under the battery was BAD (hole into passenger foot well, lots of water)....but nothing that can not be repaired!!!

we redesigned the water passage, made the holes bigger to allow for better flow and less chance of blockage...

also - does your battery have an external vent tube like the oem is supposed to??? and do you have it in a sealed battery box, or at least a battery box? the mat will help - but you need to get that gas out of the area!!

Good luck
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