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Paul et al

Robby, I'm still trying to figure out that top speed issue, my US model with the 3.27 rear end tops out 130 max, very buzzy up there. I've heard the European version was good for roughly 143 with the more hp and different final drive. Interesting...

I have an '85 Euro with a 7,200 rev limiter. I haven't had it past 115 but the owner's manual claims 143.5 mph and like I mentioned before the stock euro with reduced drag has frequently been timed at 155+.

I also own 2 BMWs. The engineering company I purchased my 2.3-16 from does aftermarket work to Bimmers and Benzes and the owner said their tricked out 16Vs handled better than their Bimmers. The 16V I purchased from them has all their suspension and brake mods. At Summit Point this year I was on the track with an AMG E500. It smoked me on the straight, but I'd catch him between turns 3 and 4 (10 turns on the 2.0 mile course). Bimmers and Benzes ... they are a blast to drive.


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