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Ryan M.
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I pulled off the engine undertray and changed my oil in my 93 300E 2.8 two days after I bought it. Being without a topsider, I naturally pulled the oil drain plug from the oil pan to drain the old oil out. Washer and drain plug looked fine upon cursory inspection.

When it was time to fill it back up, I replaced the drain plug with washer into the pan after wiping off both plug and washer and seat in pan.

After the new oil was put in, I started to notice a slowwwwww but non-stopping leak coming from the oil drain plug. I hesitantly tightened the plug 1/8 of a turn more, and found it was very snug. But the drip - 1 every 20-25 minutes - continued.

I don't want to tighten the drain plug anymore, for fear of stripping it or the pan. Anybody have any ideas? Should I try a new copper washer on the plug?

Also, hate to bring another problem back up again, but I didn't get any response on this last time I wrote - quickly, I replaced the OVP in my car and it fixed the warm start problem, but the car still idles low - so what should I try next? idle control valve? something else?

Thanks in advance for any input on either subject.
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