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I took my company car in to a dealer for fuel problems. I was informed I needed new injectors. Got it back and three weeks later same problem. I had just spent $1200. I called the fleet office (one of the nations largest leasing companies) and was advised to go to an independent. He told me the injectors had never been replaced and some cleaner was probably just run through. Fleet authorized the another repair (only $700). I was instructed to send the old injectors, paperwork and mechanics statement to them. They filed suit with Chevy and the dealer. The dealer lost his "authorized service" status due to this and other similar complaints.

A different dealer charged me for wiper refills ($25) while I was in for warranty work. They said they were old and cracked. A week earlier I had just put on some triple-edge blades. I told them to take them off, credit me and replace the triple edges. "That's not our policy" was all it took for me get really pissed. My car could not be released unless the cashier authorized it. They had already thrown the old (my new) blades away. They told me if I didn't calm down I would have to leave. I told the thieving bastards I wasn't going anywhere until I had my original blades back on my car. I shared this with all the customers in the waiting area. They threatened to call the police, so I just called them from my cell phone. At the police officers suggestion they eliminated the $25, let me keep the new blades and gave me $10 for my blades.
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