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Since we're venting, I had a brand new Japanese car a few years ago that was stolen and stripped of the interior. The car was towed to the dealer and the tech told me immediately, without blinking an eye, this is going to cost you 11grand. As I stood there filling out paperwork, they brought in six other cars of the same model, all gutted of their interiors. This was in half an hour. The car was fixed for $10,800. It turned out the dealer was doing it. He was having cars stolen, stripped and then having the parts "rotated" from car to car. This went on for months. The cops never actually proved it, but the guy sold the dealership, which he had owned for 25 years, within months and got out of the business. Maybe he was building his nestegg for retirement. To top it off, the service manager stole everything out of the car that the "thief" didn't steal and had it stashed in his office (cd's, cassettes, etc). All dealers suck, some just suck less than others.
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