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But is it a good manual for beginning DIYers? Particulary for a beginning DIYer with a '92 400e and that pesky, often-overlooked V8?

I have seen this manual listed many times on eBay and have wondered if it would have the information I am looking for. I am very beginning DIYer. I have the MB CDs for my 400e, but they are of little use to me because they assume that the reader has a great deal of experience. I mean, it does me little good to be told that the coolant drain plug is just forward of the engine mount, if I don't know what or where the engine mount is. I don't fault them for this, as their intended audience DOES have that experience. But I don't. (Being a technical writer myself, I would question a lot of design choices on the CDs, but not their assumption of the experience level of their intended audience.)

What I would love to find is a service guide that doesn't assume the reader was born with motor oil in his or her veins. I need step-by-step, idiot-proof instructions, preferably with useful pictures (the line drawings on the CDs are pretty bad), for simple procedures such as changing the oil or coolant. Instructions that don't assume I know the basics, such as how to get the car off the ground for access to the undercarriage or which tool to use for a particular step.

Too, I have wondered if this manual adequately covers my model. The 400e is never mentioned as a covered model in the eBay listings.

Is this manual what I am looking for? Is there any source for this kind of info?


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