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big dave
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axle shaft boot

Split boots do not work.Wraps will not work either.As for the rebuilt axle from advance,I have experienced mixed results as far as quality is concerned.What I would suggest is trying to find a MIGHTY dealer and buy a universal boot and cone.You remove your axle shaft turn boot inside out place cone over axle and stretch boot over the cone using lemon pledge as a lube.The boot will pull hard so find the biggest guy you know to help.It's hard to imagine the small end of the boot will stretch that much,but it will.It's just like giving birth.I have also used a small plastic funnel with rim cut off and no edges but cone works better.MIGHTY is a distributor of brake parts and boots and most likely can be found on the internet.Make sure you clean your axle well before you apply boot,so you don't drag dirt into your joint.
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