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Ruby Tuesday
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Re: RTH Re: A/T Converter Plug

RTH I suppose it is possible what you say regarding the plug turning as one complete piece but than there would be considerably more leakage. At this point the residual fluid is more of an annoyance. Though not serious at this time I`m weighing the risk at the removal of the plug to correct the problem once and for all. Before any attempts are begun I`d like to prepare for any and all possible outcomes. I am presently using this as my main squeeze and do have back-up
transportation. Once again on the premise that I am correct about the plug being in two pieces what would you propose?
The total loss of fluid in the past 6 months just about exceeds 1/2 qt. I never would consider drilling without the use of a magnet or some such (vacuum cleaner)to minummize compromising the area in question. I am also counting on a positive flow of fluid from the converter and hope the task can be completed before the converter has emptied!

Again I am thankful for another moment in time.
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