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Old 07-17-2001, 02:19 PM
steve hutson
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I came across a 1987 300D on a sled lot today. The seller wants $3100 for it. When I drove it it roared down the street. The only problem is that it spent its whole life out in the texas sun, so the interior is toast. I don't even need the car, but at such a price, the drive train is worth that much. Of course the radio, a/c, cruise, speedo, gages,sunroof, driver's window, etc don't work, but it runs and handles great. I called MBUSA, and they told me that the trap oxidizer campaign is still open on this car, so I even get a new exhaust with the deal. Some one convince me that I should rescue this car and returnit to its former glory. At least it deserves to not have dice hanging from the rearview mirror!Also does anyone know the MSRP of the '87 cars?

Any thoughts are welcome.

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