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Just replaced the cap and rotor. Here are a few notes. The piece the rotor fastens to (I think it's called the driver) could not be pulled off after removing the bolt. (8mm dia, uses 6mm allen on my car). I would not recommend trying to pry it off, the aluminum flexes and it wouldn't be tough to really damage something. I ended up using a puller and it came off without too much trouble. Sanded it slightly and put a little grease on it when reassembling. The original brown disc had the pieces of the center chipped out. Looking at it, I think the last person to replace the disc didn't want to take the trouble to pull the driver and just chopped out the center of the disc so the disc would fit over the driver. Or possibly, the non-Bosch rotor had screws that were too long. The camshaft seal is not leaking (phew)and everything went together fine and it seems to run smoother. We'll see how long it lasts, car has 214,000 miles on it and going strong. The last cap and rotor I bought from my local import shop and they were not Bosch parts. The cap was german made (Bermi?) and the rotor was made it Italy. The Bosch parts appear to be of significantly higher quality, and btw, cost less than the inferior parts because I purchased them through PartsShop.

If I have have the same luck as The Spiderman in Houston, I won't have to replace the cap and rotor until at least 391,000 miles. That would be nice.

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