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Ruby Tuesday
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Jeff, the head of the plug is turning in either direction
but will not allow itself to be removed. So my thinking is drilling a hole in the ctr of the plug head while holding it in position and than inserting a screw and using a dent puller (slide hammer)to extract it from it`s position. Drilling a second hole in what remains of the plug (threaded-shaft) and applying the easy out for extraction.
My need to know what is directly behind the converter drain plug is of most importance. This is assuming that a 6:00 o`clock position is correct both for removal of the plug and future fluid changes. Removing the tranny to access the plug via the converter is not a desired option. Under any other circumstances this would probably not be that major
a problem, but because of the location and what could go awry this is somewhat unique. Any feedback, tips or support
have been appreciated and I thank-you kindly.

Again I am thankful for these moments in time
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