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Data please

Originally Posted by regsatx
Will it harm anything if I add about a quart of veg. oil to full tank to diesel?
Do I need to do anything special regarding fuel filters if I did add VO?
Will it quiet engine/Improve performance in any way?

Geographic location please?
What type of Vegetable Oil are you planning to run Waste (WVO) or Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)?

WVO needs special filtration, and possibly other treatment before it can be used.

If you are in an area below 40F at night the answer is do not do it, it can turn to a jello or lard consistency inside your fuel system.

If you are above 40F at night it will not hurt in most cases; but, if the fuel system is contaminated with fungus do NOT use it, treat the system with biocide, replace filters as needed, and/or clean the fuel tank, then try it above 40F...
Remember to carry extra filters, and the tools to change them on the road.

I suggest you read the threads in
Diesel Discussion > Sticky: Organized MB DIY links
post #10 Fuel Delivery:
Organized MB DIY links
for information you will need.
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