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the seven hours endurance of patience

had a great plan. heated garage,

change gps.
change diff fluid
patch hole under car.
change return lines
adjust parking brake
if there was time fix the leaking trurbo return .

got to the garage at 10 a.m.and jacked up the rear end for the diff. opened the hood to change the gps.

after shredding one set of blue gloves i took off the fuel lines. ahhhhhhh easy access. plug 2 came out slowly, errr errr errr err each turn. plug one camer out err errr err each turn of the wrench. each plug went in easily plug three came out easily but the replacement wouldn't thread. hmmmmm. plug one bosch. plug two autolite. plug three beru. hmmmmm. it appeared the threads were different from the beru to the replacement bosch 80006. called whunter. he suggested cutting a used plug filament off and trying it. we did and it went in quiote easily. i tried another plug. it wouldn't go in. went to an auto shop teacher i trust(there are some i don't trust(thats another day)). he measured the threads and they matched. we went to a parts/machine shop and they measured the threads all were 1.25. we went back and with me holding the plug up jim wrenched it back into the hole. its now 2 pm. jiim left to get lunch. i started on plug 4. errr err errrr it came out. it went in smooth. okay plug 5 back by the oil filter under the ac hose. what fun. i wrenched it 200 times and it seemed to stop moving out just circular. i got out an adjustable pliers and started on it. it came out errr errrr errr. the replacement went in smooth.

jim leave to get lunch. i start on the return lines to do something different.cheeseburger and bowl o chili and diet peps. yum. back out to connect the elec leads and drop plug threes nut. no spares. we look on the drop cloth. we fish with a magnet between the ip and the block. i found someones 8mm wrench under the peeling hood pad debris but no nut. we drive to the hardware store with a gp. the metric 6 nuts don't fit. we find a young guy who just points us to where we were. i tell him the 8 doesn't fit. he suggests a 6 or a 5. why i ask. well maybe an 8mm takes it off but that doesn't make the nut an 8mm. i tell ya these young kids have all the anwsers. i buy 8 and 8 washers. you never know.

back to the car. the last lead is tightened. i get the fuel lines attached. pump the primer 40 times and hear air and stop. turn the key. okaaaaay plug light on. car goes errr errr errr but noo start. i jump out and pump somemore. 40 more pumps with air coming out. try it again. whaaaaa la it starts. o boy maybe i can do this stuff. i start packing the car. back up and the wvo sticky drop cloth under the leaky turbo oil return sticks to the tire and gets caught up in the spindle. out on my back pulling it out. jim pulling from behind me. it comes out. as i start getting up something shiney catches muy eye. its the original no. 3 nut. thank jim for his garage and pull out. its 5:30.

the old bosch plugs had 11.5v on them. the new ones have 11v on them.

great day(NOT). shoulda' started this project tuesday.

does anyone else have plans and days like this?
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