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It will never pour out like a gusher (or pulses with the IP like a heart beat, its weird. ) but it will ooze, I bet you'd lose half a gallon per tank/fillup with a consistent oozing....

Today, I found it was STILL oozing fuel, so I tore it apart, AGAIN, and fired up our 35,000 btu propane garage heater, stuck the crush washer in there on the end of my 18" breaker bar hanging from a metal clip, and heated the washer CHERRY red for about 20 seconds, four times. I then reassembled, got it all set and torqued, fired it up, and GAH, STILL LEAKING, albeit veeery slowly, but it seeps. So, I cleaned it off like heck with degreaser and brake cleaner, and have now applied a good solid bead of my Orange RTV high temp silicon around the bolt, and massaged it in nice and smooth like I did for my turbo drain tube. Its still curing, I'll fire it up tomorrow afternoon to see if it worked....I also torqued it at least 1/3 less than I used to, so that puts less stress on the housing too. The silicon is high temp, chemical resistant, and pressure resistant. So I think it should work.........we'll see.
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