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I just had a refill of the A/C on my '87 230CE, changed from freon to some new cooleant.

For the first few weeks the aux fan would start after some minutes with the A/C activated.
The little glass on the dryer did not show any bubbles.

Now, the aux fan will not start, and the dryer glass bubbles.
I have not tried to short circuit the hi-pressure switch for the fan yet. But, could the boiling be due to the fan not running, or is it most likely the fan not running due to low pressure?

Guess the latter is the fact... Will check.

So... Where do I start? Is this a thing I could sort out myself, and if not, will it most likely be too costly to be worth it?

When the cooleant was refilled/changed, the system was tested with nitrogen and vacuum, and showed no sign of leaks within the 4 hours this lasted.

And, by the way, my car has only one electrical fan. Is there supposed to be a low-speed mode of this as well? When it worked, it only ran at one speed (quite fast).

ALL tips and hints are very welcome :-)

PS: Allthoug I live in Norway, we DO have some days demanding an operational A/C! :-D

Anders Eklo - Norway.
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