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If you have just changed the hubs and had it realigned, you should not have to change the rest of the suspension. It sounds like you've pretty well redesigned the front suspension/brakes. However, hard braking pulls almost always translate into less braking force on one side or the other. You checked the rotors for warp, which should not produce a hard pull anyway. Check you pads for contamination, check the surfaces of the rotors, front and back. You may have a problem with the proportioning valve for the front brakes (possible, but unlikely, if your car even has one). If all else fails, have the brake pedal moved to the right side of the accelerator pedal. The offset should help. (dumb joke). There is a remote possibility it could be suspension related, but something would have to be really loose. Make sure the calipers are well secured to the steering knockles as well. Good Luck..
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