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Here is a comparative experience, at least:

I just had the timing chain replaced on my '92 500E, by a dealer, at 103K miles. The engine and trans stayed in the car. The heads stayed on. The cams were removed and replaced. I don't think the radiator was pulled. The front cover was pulled, but I was not made aware of any gasket mods. The mechanic gave me a copy of a diagram page in the service manual - B. Engine 199.97/98, Page 2, "copyright DaimlerChrysler AG 18.06.2001 CD-Ausgabe G/05/01..."

It shows the layout of the chain and rails. He replaced the six upper rails (the smaller ones), and the tensioner, but NOT the lower rails (parts 3 and 29 on the diagram).

Total cost was $1,511.33 labor and 452.98 parts.

That was about 1,600 miles ago, and I just heard the dreaded clatter again yesterday.
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