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Over flow Tank

Brother of The Benz, iodyn
The liquid leaking from under or the area of the right front wheel is from the overflow tank.
The combination of oil and coolant will continuiously be exchanged with coolant in the radiator tank.
It isn't normal for this tank to over flow, it's from the radiator being over filled or excesive pressure in the radiator and the coolant being discharged as the pressure cap vents.
You should clean the overflow tank, it is gained access by removing the r/f wheel and the inspection panel under the fender.
With any age on your Benz, this would be the time to replace the over flow hose.
Get the radiator replaced or repaired.
Don't overlook the transmission fluid to radiator hoses. There are two of them.
Change the transmission fluid and the engine coolant.
There is an excellent article in the recent MBCA Star Magazine on M/B engine cooling. Read it and enjoy.
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