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I believe you've described exactly my situation. I had a look under the car and found the following:

Shocks: clean and look new
Coil springs: a little dirty small portions of oxidation
Lower A arms?: clean and rust free
Differential: small portions of surface rust, small portion of grease/gear lube stain

Axle shafts and dust boots: clean and the rubber is fresh.

Heavy corrosion on brake dust shields and these donut type looking things (donuts are rubber, just look a litte dry)

Brake lines look good, I've spotted no leaks, fluid looks a little dirty and will have entire break system flushed after I get the car to the dealer.

If I force the car to move back, what would happen???
Should I play it safe and spend $60.00 to flatbed it to the dealer???

Please give some advice to a stressed out student who is going broke paying all these high taxes in Canada.

Thanks Jeff

Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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