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I am not a MB tech. just own a couple of them. So take my earlier comment/suggestion about deoiling with that knowledge. Deoiling should be done prior to decalcification.

- alkaline cleaner used for deoiling is 001 986 21 71 and was about$9.00
- citric acid used for decalcification is 000 989 10 25 and was about $14.00
- MB antifreeze running $10.00 a gallon.Part 1 03
- The afore mentioned prices were from Partsman a week ago but be sure and check with him as things can change on a daily basis.

Be sure and follow your manual on the procedure. For a 280 liter motor with manual climate control, it's drain the coolant including the block. Remove the thermostat. Fill with water and the deoiler. Run eng at middle speed until 80C and then 5 more minutes. Cool to 50C and drain (block too, everytime). Fill and run twice with fresh water. If your going to decalicify too, add the citric acid on the last rinse for the deoiler. Run back up to 80C and then 10 minutes more. Cool to 50C and drain (block again). Flush at least 3 times with fresh water. Reinstall thermostat with new sealing ring.

My 450 SEL has a automatic climate control (ACC) valve that is very sensitive to trash in the coolant (e.g it breaks it). SO I remove the valve and install plastic tubes in its place. Then when it's all done I reinstall the valve. As near as I can tell that is an undocumented procedure but I've spoken to enough mechs that I've drawn the conclusion that I was breaking my ACC servo during the flushing operation.

Anyway. Good luck and be sure and consult your manual for the proper procdure for your vehicle and to confirm that you've got the correct alkaline cleaner (they do come stronger).

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