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My friend has a 1984 (yes it's old) 190E. 4 cyl. It had blown a head gasket, so I recommended he take it to my father for repair. My dad works in Central America, btw, and does nothing but MB Diesels.
My father made an exception for him and rebuilt his engine. It simply purred! A day after my friend got the car back, it died. It would not start. To make a long story short, My dad has replaced the fuel pump, filter, plugs, O2 sensor etc. The car will start now, but will fill the cylinders with fuel, causing the car to suck gas like crazy, and foul the plugs. It will not idle. You can rev it and it will put out tons of soot! But no idle, no power.
My dad knows deisels well, but this particular car is definately a problem.
Any ideas? And no, taking it to a dealer is not an option. This is Central America folks!

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