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Ok I was going through some stuff in a neighbors garage (with his permission of course) and I found a brand new Mercedes Speedometer (odometer) it is marked as 160MPH top speed and says VDO at the bottom.

It is a white face guage and enclosed in the box is a letter from a place called, "Symbol Motor Cars Limited."
Located in Mayfair - London, England dated 1985.

It says, "We have pleasure in enclosing herewith the all white odometer for installation within the new car in place of the kilometer speedo currently fitted."

Then on the next paragraph it just says, "So far, we cannot trace any DOT agency that has carried out work on a Kestrel body design."

I don't know what that last paragraph is about. But anyways I asked my neighbor and he said he bought it at a swap meet
a few years ago and has no idea about the history behind the part.

Now what I am wondering is can anyone tell me what type of car this speedometer fits and is white face a normal guage for the car it goes in?

The MB part number stamped on the box is:

010 542 89 06

I know this is a crazy question but could someone please help me to figure out what type of car this goes in and it's aproximate value?


1969 Porsche 912
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