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Dorsey Lay
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Hi, I have a 1985 190E 2.3 8V. I added rear hadrest to my car and it looks great!! A number of 190 owners have stopped me to compliment the look and inquire if my car was a debadged 16V. I went to a salvage yard I use and found a Mercedes station wagon. I purchased the both headrest because the were exactly like the ones already in my car. I bought both for $20.00 and the plastic hole surrounds (two for each headrest) that the metal headrest post fit into. My interior is grey MB Tex, the ones I bought were tan MB Tex. I went to an auto paint store and purchased Mercedes spray paint specifically for this type of material in grey, cost $7.95. It can also be used to cover stains on carpets, it tells you on the label. It is flexable and not supposed to chip, crack or peel. I cleaned the headrest with alcohol and then sprayed them several times, allowing time to dry in between. In between I took out the back seat, decided where to put the headrest and made my holes. When they were dry I put in the plastic hole surrounds then the head rest. Put the seat back together and I was good to go. I must say it looks very professional, if you use the surrounds. If not it just looks like you stuck them in. Originally I was going to use headrest from a 300E but it was much to complicated. Regarding your rear window shade. I have been toying with putting on in my car. I purchased one from the salvage yard from a BMW, the complete unit cost me $10.00. This included the shade, all of the buttons and pins, etc that it connects to and even the rear carpeting from the back window. It is not power however, that would also be an expensive venture. It is also a foot to wide for my window but I have been doing some measurements and come up with a way to cut and install it. The unit is nothing more than a shade that you would buy in any hardware store. Hope this helps.
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