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Hi Randy,

Thank you for your info. With regards to your earlier post about ignition module, does my car's symptoms fit partial failure of the module? I got the car to start few times today but it stalls soon after and then is *very* hard to start again. I am unable to get a loaner module and it's a rather expensive part to do trial & error...

I have tested these:
- Jack 5 of diagnosis socket is battery voltage against ground.
- Voltage difference between jack 4 and 5 is 0 volt
- Green control line resistance between terminal 3 and 7
(inner and outer of the plug) are about 650 ohms
- dwell angle I cannot measure.
- the plug on the distributor end of the green wire is cracked, but all connections looks fine.

I don't suppose this proves that the module is fine, and as Stan pointed out the wire harness could be defective. On top of electrical problems it could be fuel as well...

I still hope I can fix the problem myself, but looks like I will have to get the car towed to a MB specialist for repairs, but at least I wish to know what could be wrong so I don't get ripped off...

Here's my other post regarding starting problem, it's got extra info and history

Thanks again for everyone's help.


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