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Paul S
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Thanks for the replies!

I'm very happy to have received so much input. Many thanks!

A few notes:

- I'm interested to see that no one has recommended a 190 (except for the guy selling his! -- which I had seen on eBay, but was under the impression that you had sold it?). Any particular reasons the 190 appears to be the red-headed stepchild of the Mercedes family?

- First car I ever drove was a 1978 300D. It was my best friend's parent's car that they bought new in Germany in 78. Loved it, but unfortunately it literally rusted away into thin air.

- I owned a 1984 230TE (which I eventually sold to a denizen of the forums) and liked it all right, but it never held the same panache as the 300D for me.

- Given everything everyone has said thus far, I'm leaning more towards a 300SD as I'll likely be using the car on longer trips and comfort would be highly appreciated.

So that said, is there anything in particular I need to look for in buying an 81-85 SD (besides climate control systems)?

Thanks a stack!

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