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Iíve got the 60,000 miles blues. Iíve tried a search under all sorts of combos with no luck, so at the risk of being redundant I need to ask for help.

My í90 R129 is due for itís 60,000 service and has been operating faultlessly until tonight. When I lowered the ragtop (all original) the rear deck was very slow to raise and the roof was equally slow to store. This was with the engine running. When I was done the roof almost didnít close. Once again the deck was slow to rise and the roof barely made it of the hump of the halfway mark.

Itís closed now or at least appears to be, however the light is on the alarm sounds when the car is in drive. The top looks closed from the outside but I canít be sure. If you try to open the roof it only seems to unlock from the rear and nothing more, however you can hear the motor running while the switch is engaged.

Is this easy to fix? Iím fairly mechanical if I can find the time, or is there a fuse I can pull to silence the f__king thing while driving it to the dealership.

Oh ya, one more thing I had the rollbar up the last time I shut the roof so it may be related. I lowered the rollbar using the switch since the roof was having such a hard time. The rollbar is also not operative.


I'll be out of town on thursday and friday so forgive me if I don't reply right away...

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